First mobile post!

Okay, a little disclaimer before we begin.  If the wording seems especially odd or inappropriate, its likely my phone's auto correct feature is doing what it was clearly designed to do: make me sound like a fool.  I have learned my lesson after a really embarassing text so am pretty dutiful about proof-reading, but I may miss something here or there :)

The plank is a yoga-inspired static exercise that is one heck of a workout for your core.  I like the plank as part of a circuit of core exercises... It appears easy but is NOT!  Some things to remember when performing the plank: keep your back straight--it should not sag.  Also suck in your stomach...imagine drawing your belly button back to your spine.  Don't let your back end pop up, keep your glutes flexed.  Lastly, breathe!  Go ahead and give it a try--see how long you can hold it!!

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