Diet Analysis: $15.00
Diet and exercise truly go hand-in-hand; however, diet is one of the more difficult things to gain control of.  We live in a society where there are high demands on our time so it is all too easy to forgo nutrient-rich foods in favor of quick, easy to eat, processed foods.  Additionally, in times of stress it is common to consume either more foods, calorie-rich foods, or both.  The diet analysis requires honest documentation of all foods and beverages consumed for a minimum of three days, after which I will provide an analysis that gives recommendations, tips, or ideas for better nutrition.  
Exercise Analysis: $15.00
A common misconception about exercise is caloric expenditure.  When beginning an exercise routine, it is natural to feel great, to feel like you really worked your butt off!  And you did!  But working your butt off might only be 200-300 calories, whereas that burger you enjoyed for lunch--since you "earned" it--is 700 calories.  To lose weight, it is very easy math: calories consumed must be less than calories expended.  If you are already comfortable with your diet, or if you feel as though you can control that but are still having trouble losing weight, consider examining your exercise routine.  You provide me with a breakdown of your exercise routine in an average week, and I will analyze it, offering advice to further improve and maximize your workout.  I will provide a sample workout for you so that you can get an idea of what can be improved. 

Detailed Resistance Workout: $15.00
Ever been to a gym and felt completely out of place, not knowing which machines do what, what kinds of exercises to do, or how many and how often you should do the exercises?  I can help by providing a detailed workout for you that will help you learn the basics, get comfortable with resistance training, and help you stay motivated to continue and see the results you are looking for.
Customized Training Program: $50.00
Whether it is a 5k or a marathon you want to train for, a vacation or a wedding you want to look good for, a heart attack or diabetes you want to avoid, I can help you by providing a training program for you to follow.  This is a fully customized program that takes into account your time, hobbies, ability level, access to equipment, and ultimately: your goal.  I will provide you with a calendar to follow that includes when and what type of workout you will do for each day, up to a six-month period.

Online Personal Training: $20.00 per month
 Accountability.  It is easy to read about fitness, to sign up for a gym, or to visit this blog!  But what motivates an individual to come back, day after day, through sweat and sore muscles?  If you are like most people, the motivation is best found when there is someone or something to be accountable to.  As your online personal trainer I will help you establish goals, evaluate your progress weekly, guide you in your diet and exercise choices, and motivate you in attaining your goals.